Our Mission

The mission of ZeyVentures and its subsidiaries is to provide amazingly high-quality online experiences. As trite as it sounds, we believe in the power of the internet to make lives better through the distribution of information.

ZeyVentures' assets all focus on providing expert's opinions to everyone. We also focus on creating technical assets that are performant and provide great experience for even those who don't have the latest tech and fastest wi-fi.

History Of ZeyVentures

ZeyVentures is founded by Tyler Zey and Sophia Zey. Tyler Zey is an expert in the online marketing, content creation, and digital space. He founded Easy Agent Pro in 2015 and in 2019 it was acquired.

After seeing success in the Real estate marketing and content space, Tyler and Sophia Zey decided to team up with their expertise to create an online syndicate for high-quality content.

ZeyVentures is the parent company of several high-quality content sites and online digital assets.

Our Brands

Our collection of review and blog websites continues to expand to cover a variety of industries and consumer interests. Ranging in topic from budget-friendly petcare to the best trees to plant for privacy, we have a large target audience.